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 Audio Classics set up shop to repair and service old and unusual audio equipment, radio sets & record players, hi-fi & studio equipment, guitar amps & Juke Boxes – even the odd (Hammond) organ; anything that was electrically ‘unloved’... Since 1989 we have specialised in servicing and repairing all tube / valve equipment.



VALVE AMPLIFIER specialists...

Valve bias set, Valve Amps Repaired.

NO FIX - NO FEE: Find us in DEEPEST Lancashire.

Email best contact: hadenboardman@hotmail.com


COMING SOON..The latest 33.3 VALVE Phono Pre Amplifier...


High Quality Audio Amplifiers

All valve PHONO stage


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Gramophone / pick up preamplifier. The '33.3', this phono stage has been designed for the absolute best sound quality per £.  It is designed and hand built in Lancashire, and boasts some sound enhancing features. Obviously all valve (2x ECC83 double triode Class A operation). Each channel is assembled on it's own, mono construction if you like. The shortest signal path possible, with no need for internal wire or connections, maximising low level detail and lowering distortion.  All components are very high tolerance and very carefully selected. All are hand made, and all are subject to 100 hour burn in and test. The design was to make longevity and low noise a priority over absolute gain. Unlike some of our competitors, the sound quality of the '33.3' will not deteriorate with age. The circuit uses active RIAA equalization, again using the highest tolerance matched components throughout. Specially selected valves have been fitted. For more technical stuff, please scroll below pictures. Power mains inlet fitted as an IEC inline socket.

Compact size

Available as Moving Magnet standard (Gain x100)

An Active RIAA Equalization curve

Low Distortion

Low Noise

Ultra High Tolerance Components Used Throughout

Channel Matched

2x Class "A" Matched Twin Triode Valves

Simple Direct Signal Circuit Path

Super Silent Power Supply (With IEC input connection)

Hand Made in Lancashire

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Hand built in small batches.  Free delivery anywhere on the Planet, and a 30 day money back guarantee if not 100% happy with the units performance. Next batch released 1st September (you can click this link hadenboardman@hotmail.com All questions welcomed.

My energy levels are not what they once where, so please have patience!

I can be contacted via email hadenboardman@hotmail.com

Demonstrations available by request.



General Service

I am very lucky to have some great friends in the audio industry. For general, non valve repairs on all general and High End audio and video, please contact my Bolton Buddy MIKE POWELL, his web site is www.mpavservice.co.uk Tel: 01204 396199.


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